Skyblock 5000 BETA – 5k Sub Special

Hi everyone! jesser101 has recently reached 5000 subscribers on Youtube and we are releasing a new map for this milestone!

Island Customisation

In this map, you can customize your island to your liking – it is as easy as just clicking buttons!

When you first join the world, you are greeted with a lobby. This is where you can change various settings of your skyblock island. You can change things such as difficulty, island challenges and your island types – you will be able to preview your island before starting. You can also change certain game rules such as keep inventory and show coordinates.


Feeling lucky? Give the Twists & Challenges a try! These settings can give you a completely different gameplay experience. To enable/disable Twists, you will need to obtain the Sign Clicker from the starter chest and use it on the sign.

Ready to start?

Once you are satisfied with your changes, you can obtain the sign clicker and right click the START button. After a countdown, you will be teleported to your brand new island. Good luck!

Sign shops

Running low on supplies? You can always swing by the sign shops in the main lobby (build a bridge to the island with a portal!). This shop allows you to sell materials in exchange for money, then use those money to buy items you need.

Accessing the Beta Map

This map is still in private beta, and therefore you will need to access it by Nitro boosting one of jesser101’s (You can find the links below this text!), becoming a Youtube Channel member, OR becoming a Patreon member of jesser101.

Youtube Discord
Content Discord

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