How to Throw Fireballs – Tutorial Series #021

Step 1: Snowball Giver (optional)
/replaceitem entity @a[r=25] slot.hotbar 0 snowball 1

Step 2: Ghast Teleporter
/tp @e[type=ghast,c=1] ~ ~1 ~
After you set up the “Ghast Teleporter” feel free to spawn in a ghast using a spawn egg or by using /summon ghast.

Step 3: Fireball Teleporter
/tp @e[type=fireball,r=10] ~ ~1 ~
This will teleport the fireball that the ghast shoots to above this command block.

Step 4: Fireball Thrower
/execute @e[type=snowball] ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=fireball,c=1] @s
This will make it so whenever you throw a snowball, a fireball is thrown instead!

Step 5: Fireball Destruction
/gamerule mobgriefing true (this will make the fireball destructive)
/gamerule mobgriefing false (this will make the fireball not destructive)

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