How to make Customisable Scoreboards – Tutorial Series #020

Step 1: Add/Remove Scoreboard
/scoreboard objectives add display dummy "  §6§lTutorial World" (add scoreboard)
/scoreboard objectives remove display (remove scoreboard)

Step 2: Setdisplay Scoreboard
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar display

Step 3: Scoreboard Customisation (examples)
1) /scoreboard players set "||§¶§h §e§lSub for a Free Cookie!" display 1
2) /scoreboard players set "||§¶§h §a§l20+ Total Tutorials!" display 2
3) /scoreboard players set "||§¶§h §b§lDiscord §f>> §59eyvctkjSz" display 3
4) /scoreboard players set "||§¶§h §c§lby jesser101" display 4

Please Note: You can change the text in-between the quotation marks (“”) of the above scoreboard customisation commands to your liking!

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