Invisible Mobs addon

This addon makes all mobs in your worlds invisible. This includes all passive and hostile mobs. Additionally, bosses are the only mobs that don’t turn invisible and players don’t as well. Use this addon to provide both an interesting, yet challenging survival experience! ?

This addon includes:

  • All in-game Mobs turn invisible 
  • Bosses and players don’t turn invisible
  • You can still see some mobs, such as the following:
  • Blazes (smoke particles)
  • Enderman (glowing eyes)
  • Spiders & Cave Spiders (glowing eyes)
  • Any mobs holding a bow or sword/weapon, etc…
  • Any mobs that are wearing armor

Watch video below to see all of these demonstrated in depth! 🙂

Invisible Mobs (mcpack)
Invisible Mobs (zip)

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