Random Cobblestone Skyblock

Welcome to the most Randomly Fun Skyblock map you’ll experience! This map is a completely normal Skyblock map at first glance. However, the Cobblestone Generators gives you random items every time you mine it! Instead of cobblestone you could receive any item! Anything from dirt to diamonds! 

You start off with an Oak Sapling, x8 cookies, a tip book, a lava bucket and a water bucket to start your Journey!

There’s only one island to work with, to provide a challenging experience!

The addon called “Randomised Cobblestone Addon” is created by jesser101! This is the addon that is used to make this map possible!

Are you ready to start your Random Cobblestone Skyblock adventure?
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Official Discord
Official Youtube
Map Creator: jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS)

Random Cobblestone Skyblock (mediafire)

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