Nightmare Difficulty

This addon is a challenging recreation of Fundy’s Nightmare Difficulty plugin! Mobs are buffed insanely, you can trip, lava instantly kills you – amongst many other things! The aim/goal of this mode is to beat the game (kill the ender dragon) whilst playing the hardest difficulty possible!

Finally, us as the Bedrock Edition players can experience this challenge!

Here are some in-game examples of what you can find in your Nightmare Difficulty worlds:

Charged Creepers!

Invisible Spiders!

Silverfish Swarms!

And so much more..!

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Official Discord  

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Addon Creator: jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS) & ambient#2309 on discord

Nightmare Difficulty Showcase Video:

List of Everything the Addon Adds

#1 – Ravagers Spawn instead of Pigs

#2 – Creepers are all Charged (and fast!)

#3 – Zombie Villagers Deal Infinite Damage – breaks all armor regardless of type

#4 – Drowned Spawn with Tridents

#5 – Zombies and Husks always spawn  as babies

#6 – All Undead Mobs don’t burn in the  Daylight

#7 – Pillagers shoot powerful Flame arrows

#8 – Enderman instantly aggro when close

#9 – Skeletons & Strays also shoot powerful Flame arrows

#10 – You are stuck in a nightmare… (you cannot sleep during the night)

#11 – Tools and Weapons can randomly break sometimes when  used

#12 – You can sometimes trip

#13 – Piglin Brutes spawn instead of Piglins

#14 – Lava instantly kills you

#15 – Fire doesn’t go out naturally, and spreads beneath you 

#16 – Wither Skeletons have more than x2 HP and have iron swords

#17 – Ghasts, blazes, enderman and spiders are all invisible

#18 – Zombie Pigman instantly aggro around you

#19 – You can Instantly Drown

#20 – Ice boosts you into the air

#21 – When eating bread there is a 5% getting slowness for 1.5 minutes 

#22 – Also you’re vegetarian, so eating anything “meaty” will poison you!

#23 – Silverfish multiply when damaged by a player

#24 – Ender Dragon’s HP increased from 200 to 1200

#25 – Wither’s HP increased from 800 to 1200

#26 – Bats spread  fatal Viruses


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