How to Remove Player Offline – Tutorial Series #002

Step 1: Add Scoreboards
1) /scoreboard objectives add Coins dummy "§gCoins"
2) /scoreboard objectives add CoinsDisplay dummy "§gCoins"

Step 2: Add Player Offline Commands
1) /scoreboard objectives remove CoinsDisplay
2) /scoreboard objectives add CoinsDisplay dummy "§gCoins"
3) /execute @a ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players operation @p CoinsDisplay = @p Coins
4) /scoreboard objectives setdisplay list CoinsDisplay
5) /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar CoinsDisplay

Step 3: Add, Remove or Reset to 0!
Add: /scoreboard players add @p Coins 1
Remove: /scoreboard players remove @p Coins 1
Reset: /scoreboard players set @p Coins 0

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