How to Auto-Smelt Ores – Tutorial Series #001

In this Minecraft tutorial, we will be taking you through how you are able to create an auto-smelt function pack or add the feature to your maps through Minecraft’s built-in command system, step by step.

When creating a Minecraft minigame world or a function pack, you may want the ores to be able to smelt automatically. You will find that adding such features to you project is quite easy.

Adding auto-smelt to your world

1. Place down a repeat command block, and put in the following command:

testfor @e[name="Iron Ore"]

This will detect dropped iron ores. And then place a comparator next to the command block, facing outwards. This will then trigger the rest of the commands.

2. Place another repeat command block at the output end of the comparator, facing the same direction as the comparator. As you obtain experience levels after smelting ores and taking them out of the furnace, we should do the same for the commands. Put in the following command:

execute @e[type=item,name="Iron Ore",c=1] ~ ~ ~ summon xp_orb

This will make dropped iron ores summon experience orbs.

3. Place a chain command block next to the repeat command block. Note that the direction for the chain command block and for all other command blocks mentioned in this tutorial should be identical, else they will not be able to execute in order.

We want the players to be able to obtain the smelted iron, and we can do this by giving it to the player directly. Put in the following command:

execute @e[type=item,name="Iron Ore",c=1] ~ ~ ~ give @p iron_ingot 1

4. Place down the final chain command block in the line. We now have to despawn the ore to prevent it from giving players iron and experience infinitely. Put in the following command:

execute @e[type=item,name="Iron Ore",c=1] ~ ~ ~ kill

And we are done! You will have to repeat the same for gold ingot.

testfor @e[name="Gold Ore"]
execute @e[type=item,name="Gold Ore",c=1] ~ ~ ~ summon xp_orb
execute @e[type=item,name="Gold Ore",c=1] ~ ~ ~ give @p gold_ingot 1
execute @e[type=item,name="Gold Ore",c=1] ~ ~ ~ kill
Demonstration Image
Your command blocks should look like this!

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